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New patients may self refer for an initial consultation with one of our dentists for general or cosmetic procedures. Schedule an appointment at Palm Beach Dental today!

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At Palm Beach Dental, we want you to feel we can take care of all your dental needs. Our services include:

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At Palm Beach Dentist, we pride ourselves on our patients smiles. Your smiles are our rewards.

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At At Palm Beach Dentist, everything we do is with you in mind. From our brand new office to our constant technology updates, your dental care and overall comfort are our priority. And we believe in treating you the way we would like to be treated. Meaning minimal wait times and a dentist for your personal dental care.

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What our patients have to say about us:

First, a few aesthetic notes... The interior and floorplan of the office is really impressive and really doesn't look like a dentist's office upon first glance. The treatment areas are all open but still provide privacy with translucent walls. You have got to check this place out.
Jackie, West Palm Beach, Florida
Oh my god. The reviews are true! Palm Beach Dental is more like a spa than a dental office. So impressive. As others have noted, the design of the interior goes a long way in creating a relaxed experience; the thoughtful dentists and hygienists do the rest.
Michelle, Palm Beach, Florida